Simucon 2001

For my first experience at Simucon I had a lot of fun. Here's the pictures I took! If anyone can help me put names to faces please email me!. If you are unable to view the pictures on this site please click here or here.

Here's Jolina, Nicholss, Valadimir, and Praise at the Cleric meeting.

Tamastara on day one.

Humm, Redarch, and Araushnee

Humm, Redarch, and Araushnee again!

The ever so lovely Fandella

GM Royce and GM Narcissa

GM Royce and GM Narcissa again! Aren't they cute?

GM Mroce


Half of Elddric, GM Granthal, and GM Meakah

Elddric, GM Granthal, GM Riel, and GM Meakah

Magrid, Janyl, Elddric, GM Granthal, GM Riel, GM Meakah, and Tamastara

Tamastara, Meidori, and Tenasia

Deloria, Tanath, and Tamastara

Deloria, Tanath, Hegemonic, Meidori, Tamastara, and Roisen



Argot, Vytoria, Mirjana, and Basthet

Jacqueni and Ohevett

Freyah and Shakahn

Jolina, Drongol, and Keverick

GM Khaydra

Namastae and Namastae's backside!

GM Mroce

Half of Valadimir, and Rancha

Daemog, GM Halo, GM Caymus, Nuich, and Praise..not necessarily in that order.


GM Anji (Praise) and her real life hubby.

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